Who says that cartoons are just kid’s stuff? There are many reasons for kids and adults to enjoy animation. Shows like the Simpsons or Family Guy have shown adults the appeal of animation. In fact, they were all a new type of TV phenomenon, and audiences have been open and kind to new creations since then. Archer has done the same drawing viewers in with its witty and satirical style.

An older audience

From a ratings standpoint, Archer is certainly one of the greatest in popularity of the animation spy genre. However, no doubt, it’s adult animation, and kids have to be kept away from it. When animated violence, drug traffic, nudity and sex are the main topics, it is obvious that adults are the target audience.

Archer has achieved what its production staff has set out to achieve. An animated series for mature audiences that has been successfully on air for almost ten years. It premiered in 2009 on cable network FX. It is easy to take for granted all the work and detail that go in making a series like this remain on air long enough. But when you enter the world of Archer, you see the answer: teamwork.

Archer’s Main Characters

How Archer comes to life on screen

The production process has been the same during these years. Backstage, the genius writer Adam Reed and his team write and approve the script. Then, the voice cast does their best.  Nothing tells a story in a more vividly way than the voices. They have been able to assemble a great team with the best voice actors. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, Chris Parnell, Lucky Yates, and Jessica Walters are some of them.

After the edition, the assembly begins till the final cut where viewers enjoy the best blend of the real and animated world. Each episode manages very well in keeping the audience hooked in all the countries where it is watched. It started being an American animated television sitcom, and now people enjoy it worldwide.

A hit spoof of the spy genre

Archer has been nominated for different awards for ten years in a row. Easy to say, but it shows the backstage hard work. Just the year after its premier, it won the NewNowNext Award in 2010. 2011 was the year for being nominee for Critics’ Choice and Annie Awards. 2012 was an excellent year and won three different awards: Comedy, Critics’ Choice Television and Behind the Voice Actor Awards.

Archer won both Critics’ Choice Television Award and a Gold Derby in 2013 and 2014. 2015 was the year for a Critics’ Choice Television and its first Primetime Emmy Award. In 2016, it won two other Primetime Emmy Awards and was nominee in 2017 and 2018.

Archer’s Minor Characters

An animated half-hour sitcom

It is an original and entertaining show about spy agents and a super-secret agency. The International Secret Intelligence Service agency ISIS conducts risky espionage operations. Each mission is a key catalyst, and the series has successfully moved forward season after season. It is a cartoon for adults that centers on the daring agent Sterling Archer.

He really believes he is the most dangerous and best secret agent, but sexing, drinking, narcissism and some mommy issues are his worst weaknesses. The relations among all characters are kind of dysfunctional, but at the same time the heart of the story.

30 minutes of conversations full of satire, attitudes totally deviated from what is expected and the most outstanding voice acting make Archer one of the best animated series ever. Nine seasons that have given the audience reasons for being fans and follow all Archer’s adventures and unfortunate incidents.

Beyond season 10

As good spies, the audience wants to know if Archer could live beyond season 10. It seems to be top secret because nobody knows if it is definitely the end of the series. Even Archer’s writer, Adam Reed, says that he is so caught up in what’s going on that what matters is the new reality of the characters in this coming season 10.

The reinvention and renewal of seasons have been consistent during all these years. So, why not to expect something similar after season 10. Anyway, April 2019 is the date for Archer 1999. As we are getting nearer, the expectations about the surprises it will bring are huge.

Remembering Danger Island, this season 9 sent Archer to space, and now we will see an amazing Sci-Fi themed season. Our favorite spy agent won’t be alone, and all the crew will be with him in a total futuristic setting. The tension with his co-captain Lana will continue, besides he won’t be able to get rid of his mom who has the role of the ship’s artificial intelligence.

As usual, this new season promises something new and exciting where Archer’s animation style will go beyond the visuals. The quality of its writing will keep it in the line-up of successful adult animated programs.