Abbiejean Kane-Archer

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No doubt that Abbiejean Kane-Archer has an interesting story to listen to when she grows up. The story about how she was conceived. She is the youngest character of the series. Despite being a recurring character, she has strong influence in all the coming events since the announcement of Lana’s pregnancy.

Big news

Season four says “see you soon” to the audience with the big news of a coming baby to the series. During all season five, viewers enjoy episodes of a pregnant, very active and still daring spy. The finale of season 5 introduces everybody to Abbiejean Kane-Archer.

Abbiejean Kane-Archer

In a scene of tension and screams, Archer and Malory help Lana deliver the baby in the Central American airport. From this moment on, Lana shows how important it is for her to be a good mom, making AJ her priority. Believe it or not, Abbiejean or AJ will also bring out the best of Sterling Archer.

An artificial insemination

Lana will have to explain to her daughter that she was not exactly conceived through sperm donation. There was no a voluntary sperm donor. Abbiejean Kane-Archer is Lana and Archer’s beautiful daughter, product of an artificial insemination. The point is that Sterling Archer didn’t have idea that Lana stole his sperm sample from the sperm bank.

Lana and Archer have a very complicated relationship since the beginning. They have had a big number of sexual encounters; however, Abbiejean was not conceived that way. Lana’s had an intense desire to have a baby. In spite of being in a relationship with Cyril Figgins, she doesn’t want him as father and decides to have her baby through artificial insemination instead.

Following her calling to be a mother, she decides to steal the sperm of who seems to be her irritating and eternal love, Archer. Her pregnancy makes Lana and Cyril break up. After finding out the truth, it takes Archer six weeks away to process the information and say he wants to parent Abbiejean.

Her grandparents

A baby face usually provokes affective responses in people, even in those that are not so nice. Abbiejean Kane-Archer has a positive effect on most of the characters around her. Parents and grandparents are seen holding AJ and playing with her. In season 6, it is shown how much Ron Cadillac enjoys reading stories to her.

Her maternal grandparents are really fond of her. Malory loves her in her own way, too. She fights for the right to change Abbiejean’s middle name to Malory. All her family tries to protect her from all the insanity that surrounds them. For example, the time when Krieger wanted to use her in one of his experiments with a cyborg teddy bear or the opened fire provoked by Slater in her house.

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