Alan Shapiro

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A body lying face down in a pool is part of the first scenes of season seven. This season shows the ex-members of ISIS setting up a new and private detective agency. Veronica Deane and her lawyer Alan Shapiro are key characters in all episodes of season 7. Does Alan Shapiro have something to do with the dead body?

A divorce attorney

The voice for this attorney is provided by Patton Oswalt. Alan Shapiro is a recurring character for all season 7. The spying world of Archer moved to Hollywood for the next episodes. The Figgis agency is the new agency where these peculiar spies will go on giving the audience the best half-hour comedy.

Alan Shapiro is Veronica Deane’s divorce attorney. He has a crush on her, and she knows it. She uses this to manipulate him into doing what she wants. Everything is going to center on a disc with delicate information about Veronica.

It is not clear if being aware of his weakness for her, Alan Shapiro decides to steal the disc titled Longwater. This could be a great tool to blackmail her, just in case he needs it. Or as her trusty person, she gave it to him to keep it safe from falling into wrong hands.

Meet the rest Archer’s Main Characters

A business assessor

He is not a common lawyer, he belongs to the group of elite lawyers. That’s why Veronica Deane hired him. Everybody thinks he is very rich and well educated, but he is as broke as Veronica is. He became her personal attorney and business assessor. Unfortunately for Veronica, all his advices have been terrible for her economic prosperity.

Alan Shapiro

Despite being in a bad economic situation, Alan Shapiro lives in a mansion with maids, guards and dogs that protect this huge house. He wears expensive clothes and look nice, but he is a total jerk treating others. He threatens to deport, fire and even kill his employees.

Because of his feelings towards Veronica, he feels bitter and jealous of her ex-husband Ellis Crane. So he helps her frame Lana for Crane’s murder. Becoming from an attorney and assessor to the accomplice of a crime.

The Figgis agency

Although Veronica and Alan don’t know, the Figgis agency accepted both jobs. The first time, the imposter said that Shapiro stole the disc, so they broke into Alan Shapiro’s mansion to get it. One of his dogs bit Archer in the mission.

The second time, who is supposed to be the real Veronica hires them because somebody stole the disc from Shapiro, and they want to take it back from the people that currently have it. Shapiro and the Figgis agency had to partner to recover the disc the second time, but everything gets really complicated.

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