Algernop Krieger

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Lucky Yates is the voice of this kinky scientist. Doctor Algernop Krieger or Dr. Krieger is part of the staff that works for ISIS. As a common characteristic in all members of ISIS, his sexual tastes are really libertine. He is one of the main characters of this peculiar series, and he shows his multidimensional and complex personality.

A fraudulent doctor

More than a doctor, he is a mad scientist. He is not a doctor and doesn’t have any kind of degrees or studies that certify he is one. Anyway, he is the head of the Applied Research Department in the agency ISIS. Where does his knowledge come from? the doctor lived with a Nazi scientist until he was 15 years old when he died, Malory arranged everything to bring him to ISIS.

He is frequently compared to Adolf Hitler, and people say he is his clone. He defends himself saying he doesn’t look like him. It is obvious that this scientist with brown hair and beard is physically different, but so alike in attitude and evilness.

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Krieger’s research

The objective of his research is not clear. He does many things. Human experimentation, animal-human hybrids, sexual toys, different drugs and specialized weapons are part of his creations. It is more than obvious that his pet projects have to do with his own and other agents’ sexual fantasies.

A sex-bot named Fister Robot is a robot to fulfill all his sexual fetishes. Thinking about Cheryl and her fantasies, he created a Chokebot. It is a mechanical hand to choke her, but it didn’t come out as he expected, she says the strength is not enough for her taste.

One of the most surprising creations is her virtual girlfriend. He apparently proved that cybersex is possible and satisfactory, to an extent that the State of New York allowed them to marry. But apart from fiction and robots, he gets erections with a wide range of other things.

Another Krieger

Although he hasn’t gotten any degrees or PhD, he is considered a bookworm. His devoted reading about a variety of sciences has made him succeed in this area. Maybe his experiments are not so likable, but it is evident the knowledge of chemistry, biotechnology, electronics and robotics in all of them. Besides, he is very proficient in English, German and Portuguese.

After season 5, there is a clear doubt about if Algernop Krieger is the same guy. The speculation that he really died in San Marcos and was replaced by one of his clones is believed by his coworkers. His erratic behavior and constant memory problems make everybody suspect about a supplantation.

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