Barry Dylan

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Antagonist characters are known as the bad guys in a story. The point with Archer is that all characters are bad guys at some point of the series. However, Barry Dylan seriously attempts to prevent Sterling Archer from being successful in his missions all the time. Voiced by Dave Willis, the viewers meet Bartholomew Aloysius Dylan in the very first season.

Archer’s enemy

Barry is a real antagonist character. He is kind of obsessed with the idea of revenge. He blames Sterling Archer and thinks it is his fault that Barry could not continue as a field agent. The reasons of the revenge? From being an ace agent of the best spy agency ODIN (the Organization of Democratic Intelligence Networks), he had to accept just an office job.

First, the accident that Barry had falling on a car that shattered his femur. This accident could have been avoided with Archer’s help, but he just didn’t want to help Barry. Then, the sexual encounters that Sterling had with Barry’s girlfriend Framboise. Enough reasons for Barry to have as only objective to ruin Sterling’s life.

In fact, later in the story, Barry enjoys to see Archer totally devastated in front of Katya’s body. He is so pleased every time he knows Archer is going through emotional turmoil.

Barry’s obsession

Barry is strongly determined in not letting Sterling Archer get away with this, but his frustration gets bigger and bigger with each failure trying to kill him. Barry develops a real dark side, and he likes when he sees Archer in pain. He was so satisfied feeling he hurt Archer when he had sex with Lana or made Archer and Katya break their engagement. He also feels good every time he succeeds sabotaging ISIS professionally.

His relation with Sterling Archer along the series is complicated. It is a frontal war with temporary truces if needed because of important missions. Barry Dylan has an important role in the story with a very active participation in the episodes. He starts as an ODIN agent, later a cyborg and then the head of the KGB.

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A cold murderer

Barry saved Archer’s life from the KGB, and this caused Barry to be turned into a cyborg by this organization. The only purpose that the KGB had was using him as an assassin. Barry has always had weird attitudes; however, being a cyborg has also turned him into a psycho. His selfishness, violence and common talking to himself or his gun describe part of his behavior.

Barry Dylan

In season seven, he accepts that he feels empty and unstable, so he starts the quest for internal peace trying to find his birth mother. It shows that even bad men have weak moments sometimes.

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