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Bilbo is a recurring character in many episodes from season one to four. Meanwhile ISIS works as an agency, he is there in front of the control panel being in charge of the ISIS command interface. He is a stout middle-aged man that seems to have natural blond hair and moustache. He has green eyes, and is usually seen wearing a white short- sleeve shirt and a dark brown tie.

His name

He likes eating junk and greasy food. He has been seen bringing meatball subs and fizzy drinks to eat.  He is also a clear fan of The Lord of the Rings. He always brings it up in his conversations. It is not stated by the writer or any coworker’s comment if Bilbo is his real name or he is called this way because of the character of the Lord of the Rings, Bilbo Baggins.


In Archer, not only the protagonists are cruel, all characters mock or laugh constantly at each other. His coworkers say that he is a fat idiot. However, his knowledge is always shown in the control room and other different opportunities. For example, trying to open the elevator where Malory was stuck.

The control room

Adam Reed is the professional voice actor for Bilbo. He works for ISIS in the control or operations room. It is a big space where huge screens and monitors show important information for the team. He is surrounded by computers and satellites that let him give the appropriate technical support for the missions.

Depending on the mission, it is demanded from him to look for specific locations of people or things using the advanced technology in ISIS. The control room is useful even for directing Archer in daring missions with explosives.

Bilbo’s death

The same as other employees when there is an opportunity, he is victim to Sterling and Malory Archer’s verbal and physical abuse. In fact, the episode in which he dies, Malory slapped his back quite hard. Everybody leaves him thinking he was just coughing, but he was having a heart attack. Not surprisingly, Algernop Krieger’s voice is heard mocking Bilbo for being killed by a slap.

The thing is that Malory, Lana, Cyril, Cheryl and Pam go to the control room and ask him to look for a station wagon in Texas. Although he says that it is kind of a needle in a haystack, Malory shouts at him. After a frustrating search and sarcastic replies to Malory, she smacks his back so hard that causes him an immediate heart attack.

To have a more sarcastic moment, just the second he drops dead on the floor, the screen shows that the system found the station wagon that Archer is driving. Due to a scene where Krieger is seen with Bilbo’s arm, it is thought that maybe the mad scientist is planning to resurrect him as a cyborg.

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