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The foreign intelligence agency of the Soviet Union KGB is led by Nikolai Jakov during the first seasons. Then, Barry Dylan takes control of his supervision for a short period of time. After him, Katya Kasanova becomes the head of the KGB. This secret police organization is a real piece of history that mixed with the fiction inside the Archer series create fantastic stories.

A reliable soldier

Boris is a tall man with a well-built body. He has green eyes and fair complexion. He wears a buzz cut hairstyle and well-groomed full beard. He is seen in his green uniform almost all the time, except when he is with Katya in bed.

First Nikolai’s assistant, then Barry’s, and finally Katya’s assistant who clearly shows another interest in him. Apart from her assistant, she makes him her lover. He was the most reliable soldier for Nikolai Jakov. This Junior Lieutenant was second in command and assisted Nikolai effectively with different tasks.

A loyal guy

Boris has to deal with a new disgusting boss like Barry, but it doesn’t mean he has to forget how grateful he is with Nikolai Jakov. Although the new boss was very clear with Boris about sending Nikolai to Siberia, it is seen in an emotive scene how Boris cries seeing Nikolai departing to the United States.


While the plane is taking off, Nikolai shouts thanking Boris and telling him that he’ll never forget what he is doing for him. Barry receives a telex from Siberia saying that Nikolai never showed up. Barry couldn’t release his anger without shouting at Boris and destroying things in the office.

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His appearances

His appearances have been frequent since season 1 to 4, and then in season 6. With the Major Nikolai Jakov, Boris was a very efficient helping hand. He showed how good he was with technology altering Katya’s profile stating she was a double agent, or managing what he says it is his favorite device ever, a voice-changing machine.

He is also so secure taking decisions or giving permission to go ahead with important projects as the cyborg project. His dislike for Barry is so evident that Boris doesn’t care or has any interest in doing things for him. Barry describes him as the dumbest guy in Russia.

With Katya, something similar happens to him, but for different reasons. It seems that love doesn’t let him think well or be the decisive man he used to be. Moreover, it seems he starts having trouble with focus, showing common behaviors that make him look dumb.


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