Brett Bunsen

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If a prize were given to the person who has been shot more times in ISIS that would be Brett Bunsen. During five seasons, Neal Holman was the actor that provided his voice for this character. So Neal was in the production, direction and voice acting at the same time in the Archer series.

An ISIS employee

Brett Bunsen is a recurring character since the first season. From season 1 to 5, he appears in more than one scene. He is the type of character that with his behavior or expected events brings humor to the story. He works for ISIS and has an office job; however, he seems to be a real human shooting target.

Archer, Lana, Cyril and Rona Thorne shot him. If that’s not enough, Archer and Barry have beaten him, too. It seems he is always in the wrong place when the agents decide to try their indoor shooting. Walking down the hall, in the locker rooms or the firing range, all bullets eventually end inside him.

Brett and Archer

His survivability was due to the location of the injuries. It is true that he has survived so far; nevertheless, being shot four times by Sterling Archer made him develop a post-traumatic stress disorder, and Archer seems to be who provokes it. His phrase “God Damn it Archer!” shows it.

Maybe as a subconscious revenge, when Brett knows that Archer has breast cancer, he makes fun of him. He mocks him asking Archer if he was sure it was not lady vagina cancer. Any consequences? Of course, he got badly beaten up by Archer in front of the other coworkers.

Five seasons for Brett Bunsen

An apparently justified armed FBI raid on ISIS headquarters is the opening episode of season 5. Unfortunately, Brett Bunsen had no chance of surviving a gunshot to his forehead this time. During the exchange of fire between the FBI and the agents of ISIS, his ability to remain alive is gone in a quick scene.

Brett Bunsen

The producers of the show decided to open season five with the episode of Brett’s death. With this character, there’s no resurrection with Dr. Krieger’s help or something like that. He got a lethal bullet and died. That’s it, the end of his appearances in the show.

Brett Bunsen means funny moments. However, the events that caused his death mean fresh ideas to start anew. This episode was the end for Brett Bunsen, but a reboot for the story. Although people thought it was a risky move, then it was proved it was the right one. No more ISIS, but more of Archer in a different setting.


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