Cecil Tunt

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It doesn’t matter how good the animation looks. Without good stories, it is not possible TV shows able to entertain. Archer is an animated show whose characters contribute in a successful way to create the best satirical spy world. Voiced by Eugene Mirman, Cecil Tunt is a recurring character with an impressive fortune.

Cecil and Cheryl’s family

Cecil is Cheryl Tunt’s brother. These two siblings have inherited the substantial family’s fortune, and Cecil is in charge of it. The Tunt family accumulated a great deal of money and assets with the shipping and railroad business. He defines himself as a philanthropist and uses his money for charity and what he thinks are ecological projects.

Cecil Tunt

Although he is the only surviving relative that Cheryl has, the tension between them got worse when Cheryl suspected that Cecil wanted to get her half of the money. Both of them are beneficiaries, but Cecil is the trustee at the same time. Because of his condition, he had to deal with his sister being kidnapped several times.

Cecil’s girlfriend

For a wealthy man like him, it would not be so difficult to have any woman he wants. However, it seems that what Cecil Tunt and Tiffy have is real love. The problem is not that their relationship is not doing well, the difficulty is Cheryl. Cheryl and Tiffy don’t like each other, to an extent that they have had physical fights.

Cecil’s girlfriend is an expert helicopter pilot. The animal products are not on her diet because she is a vegan. So Cecil’s helicopter is totally adapted for his girlfriend Tiffy. It is an extremely comfortable Boeing CH-47.

Apart from its powerful engine, it is extremely awesome and magnificent inside. It has a bar, vegan buffet and video surveillance. It even has a first aid kit with injections that contain epinephrine and adrenaline in case of allergies or life-threatening situations.

Meet the rest Archer’s Main Characters

His appearances

From these two siblings, Cheryl Tunt is part of the main characters of the series. Her brother Cecil Tunt has appeared as a guest and recurring character in season 4 and Dreamland. His appearances in Dreamland show a Cecil Tunt far from the philanthropy and very close to corruption. Meanwhile Cheryl is disconnected from daily reality and money, Cecil has a real luxurious life.

The point is that he loves that kind of opulent life, but he is a terrible negotiator. He has invested in many projects and businesses that have made losses instead of profits. That’s the reason why he wants Cheryl’s fortune. He eventually restores his with the payment of an insurance claim for the destruction of the underwater research facility.

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