Cheryl Tunt

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If the characteristics of the dysfunctional cast of Archer are not enough, you need to know about Cheryl Tunt. Nobody knows who is crazier, the boss or the secretary. Cheryl is Malory’s secretary, a woman that has stayed several times in mental hospitals. Voiced by Judy Greer, this character with auburn hair and blue eyes is very significant in the course of the story.

A secretary at ISIS

It is said that work makes people feel useful and happy. In Cheryl’s case, to feel this is difficult. Malory’s secretary is a mentally unbalanced woman that doesn’t find happiness in common things. Besides this, she definitely has no need to work.  She has a brother, and they are the only surviving members of a very wealthy family.

She does what Malory asks her to do; even though, the office is not a place to work for her, but a randy place to live all her sexual fantasies. If somebody different from Malory tells her to do something, a scream will be heard saying: You are not my supervisor! No secretary in the world could pay with her salary, the expenses of living in a mansion as the one she lives in.

Cheryl’s fantasies

It is not a secret that this series has a bizarre cast. But the writer does a good work making Cheryl a conflicted character. Talking about sex, all her fantasies have to do with pleasure from the infliction of physical pain. Her sadomasochistic likes are so strong that even being slapped by Malory turns her on.

Cheryl Tunt

Extreme sexual fetishes like asphyxiation and emotional or physical violence are her obsession. It is such a voracious idea that being strangled and murdered during sex is her most desired fantasy. Almost all men in the office have had sex with her, the super spy Sterling, Cyril Figgins, Barry, Ray, Krieger and Conway are part of the list.

Her mental disorders

Her mental disorders make her live in another world. In spite of having so much money, finances or notions about the value of things don’t matter to her. Even her name seems to be irrelevant. Carol, Carina, Cristal and Cheryl are the options she responds to.  Her erotic fantasies cannot be compared to the issues with her mental health.

Each season is good to show her psychotic breaks. Since the very beginning of the series, Cheryl is found huffing glue, wanting to burn down ISIS, having visual hallucinations and violent tendencies. Ray Gillette was a victim being stabbed in the leg by unstable Cheryl.

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