Cyril Figgis

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ISIS is more than Malory Archer and her despotic way of talking. However, there is a person working close to her that has to give her reports of all the financial transactions. Cyril Figgis is the comptroller of the agency. Voiced by Chris Parnell, this character shows his growing from just work office to keeping up with other agents in important missions.

A competent comptroller

Being the comptroller, he is like a manager of the financial area. He has to answer directly to his boss Malory Archer. Nothing says the opposite, and it is believed he is a very competent comptroller. The first two seasons he is dedicated to this, then he has the opportunity to change his role and live a new experience. However, the last seasons show him trying to do again what he does the best: work office.

He may be seen as timid, passive or weak, but he is a skilled accountant. His work under the CIA trained him as a defense attorney with a Criminal Law Degree. In season 7, he uses all his knowledge to run the Figgis detective agency because California law requires it. Feeling he has certain power, a new side of Cyril is visible. He starts mistreating people in revenge for all the mocking and harm he felt from Archer, Lana and the other members of the team.

 Cyril and Lana

He has a relationship with Lana, but love is not the same on both sides. She doesn’t call him her boyfriend. Cyril feels Archer’s shadow in their relationship, and his insecurity makes him cheat on Lana. His jealousy is not so crazy because then in season 6, Lana and Archer start dating again.

The crude sex jokes are not missing with this character. The rumor about his large genitals is a usual topic of conversation between Pam and Cheryl, especially in season one. They found out some medical records about Cyril’s penis reduction surgery.

He considers himself a sex addict, to the point of attending a rehabilitation center. He is the protagonist of scenes where masturbation and hypersexual disorders take place. For Cheryl and Pam, this is not an unfortunate weakness, but the opportunity to have sex with him.

A substitute field agent

Despite showing no proficiency with weapons, in season 3 he gets a promotion to field agent because of an accident with agent Ray. Archer and Lana can’t believe it and say it is a ridiculous decision. They are not wrong thinking about Cyril and the weapon handling, but he shows his smart abilities being able to succeed as an infiltrated agent.

Besides, he’s been of great help as a pilot of special spacecraft, submarines and other missions with bombs, too. So, this shy accountant turns into a field agent badass.

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