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No way of denying that Archer is a push the envelope type of show. Its sardonic style of telling stories about the KGB, FBI and CIA is just amazing.  The first time Hawley appears, the TV viewers see a FBI agent. Later on, it is clear that he doesn’t belong to the FBI team, but to the CIA agency.

Seasons 5 and 6

During the seasons that this character is in the show, the voice over work was done by Gary Cole. Hawley fits so well during seasons 5 and 6. His first appearance is seen in the episode of the raid on ISIS and Brett Bunsen’s death.


This tall agent of brown hair and blue eyes appears with the blue jacket with the letters FBI on it that is customary to wear when they are conducting a search warrant or a raid. On the basis of the crime of betraying their country, Agent Hawley arrests the members of ISIS.

A CIA agent

In the first seasons it is shown how ISIS conducted espionage operations with no permission, and eventually Malory had to cease them. Hawley will have to deal with the agents in their roles of cocaine dealers in season 5. In season 6, the spy agents are brought back as a team of ISIS. They will be now contracted by the CIA.

Hawley shows that he is not so strong. In the episode of Vice: House Call, he cannot break through the kitchen door of Cheryl’s mansion where he suspects the cocaine is. After hurting his shoulder, he complains about the material that door is made of. He goes there to check on them and see they are not drug trafficking.

Hawley and Slater

His physical strength doesn’t matter, the important point is that Hawley turns out to be a fake FBI agent. He is the actual CIA superior. He is the agent in charge of introducing Slater as an agent of the CIA to Archer and the crew.

In the episode of Filibuster, their secret identities are revealed. Hawley is not a FBI member and Slater is not an arms dealer. Both were undercover CIA agents for an operation that started with ISIS shutdown.

During season 6, he uses Slater as his binding agent. These CIA agents take themselves so seriously that their appearances are made for parody. They put so much effort making complex plans that sometimes sound ridiculous.

He is seen again in the finale of season 6 where he has the overall responsibility for a mission involving the female scientist Dr. Sklodowska. As the assignment is carried out badly by the ISIS team, he decides to fire them permanently.

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