Katya Kasanova

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In the Archer world, the espionage is the bedrock. This successful long-running TV show has help from main and recurring figures. Katya Kasanova is a challenging character with interesting things to tell. The Russian Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB) or Committee for State Security is also part of the story, and some of its best agents interact with ISIS.

A sexy agent

When all fans are totally convinced that Archer cannot have pure feelings for a woman, his story with Katya reveals something different. Katya is a sexy and seductive Russian woman that works for the KGB.

Katya Kasanova

She is blonde, has green eyes and a sexy voice given by Ona Grauer. She is almost always in white, and her way of dressing makes male characters of the series see her “smokin’ hot”. However, women like Malory and Lana think she is a “manipulative bitch”.

Lana for ISIS, and Katya for the KGB. These two female characters are action girls with fantastic skills for getting access to confidential information, sabotaging missions and killing with no problem when they have to.

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Her love for Sterling Archer

They meet each other when Archer goes to Russia to find answers about the paternity certainty of Nikolai Jakov. Her love for Sterling Archer started when she saw his photograph and was described as the most dangerous man in the world.

As a KGB member and part of the security and protection of the Soviet Union, she is a great and loyal spy. But when she meets Archer and starts a relationship with him, everything changes for her. Their attraction and love seem to be so strong that she asks him to take her to the States with him.

Archer accepts and, unbelievably, also tries to quit drinking for her. Her love for Archer made her feel no remorse for killing KGB members to rescue him. Later, she even sacrificed herself to save him when Barry Dylan tried to kill him.

A cyborg

After two frustrated attempts to marry Sterling Archer, everything changes. She saved Archer from being murdered with her life, but Dr. Krieger could resurrect her as a cyborg. It was her destiny to be Barry Dylan’s tool to break Archer’s heart. Being both cyborgs, Katya and Barry have sex and start a relation that makes Katya dump Archer.

The nice Katya starts behaving as an inhuman, aggressive and cold robot. She continues conducting espionage and participating in the most dangerous missions. Episodes later, she dumps Barry for Borris. She eventually accepts being hired to seduce Archer again and destroy the relationship that Archer and Lana restarted.

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