Lana Kane

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Deep inside, all viewers want their favorite series have a happily ever after. Archer is not a series like that. Nevertheless, if there’s any possibility to see the super-agent Sterling Archer in love with someone that would be Lana Kane. The top female agent of ISIS is a very attractive and competent woman who is voiced by Aisha Tyler.

A great field agent

No way of questioning her skills as an agent. This tall and beautiful black woman had the same hard and demanding training that Archer had. In fact, the Ice Queen Malory Archer has had no problems comparing them and saying that Lana is a better spy than him.

Her colleagues usually mock their strong hands, but they are so useful to carry and handle her two submachine guns. She has no hesitations in using them when necessary. She is really good going undercover. Besides, she is all an expert in an Israeli army self-defense system called Krav Maga.

Lana and Archer

The first episodes show a high sex driven relation between these two characters. A real Archer’s girlfriend? Romanticism? There was no time to know. Archer was not able to handle it because of his personal issues. Anyway, along all the episodes of the series, Lana and Archer try to get along and go ahead with the missions. Their relation turns very complicated, and a complex love-hate feeling is a constant when they talk to each other.

However, in her biological urge and desire to become a mom, Lana used Sterling’s frozen sperm. Despite having a relation with another member of ISIS, Cyril Figgis, she felt a calling from deep within to make her and Archer parents. It takes Archer some time to release anger, but eventually he shows he cares about Lana and their daughter.

A daring agent

That was the characteristic that Malory saw in Lana. When they just met, Malory Archer offered her the opportunity to be part of ISIS. Apart from being a spy, Lana was a fearless activist. Defending animals in a protest, Lana tried to throw red paint on Malory’s new fur coat. Malory didn’t hesitate and pointed her gun on Lana’s forehead, but she showed no intimidation. That’s how they met each other.

She could easily be the best spy in the world, and her participation in different dangerous missions show that. She was outstanding in Skorpio and the mission of taking out an international arms dealer. Stealing diamonds, selling drugs, killing criminals, and being Archer’s co-captain in season 10 have been some of her interesting assignments.

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