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Archer is a series where guys with very human and real characteristics take part in the story. A lot of the plot is based on the rivalry of two spy agencies that try to be considered the best. ISIS is the International Secret Intelligence Service whose boss is Malory Archer, and ODIN is the Organization of Democratic Intelligence Networks whose head is Len Trexler.

Archer’s biological father

These two bosses could have something in common: a son. Malory herself is not one hundred percent sure who Archer’s biological father is, but Len Trexler archer is on the list. It is not clear why these two agencies are rivals. It could be business or unsolved love stories. That’s why each episode of Archer is so appealing. Its interesting characters separate it from the other adult series.

Leonard Len Trexler is voiced by the actor Jeffrey Tambor. The possible father of Sterling Archer offers good scenes in the episodes with flashbacks of the past and also events in the present. Although he married Anastasia, Len Trexler archer hasn’t been able to forget his affair with Malory in the past. His wife killed herself, and he never got married again.


Len’s life revolves around ODIN. ODIN Headquarters is home for him. He likes what he does directing the office, and Barry Dylan is there to help him. Although he is hard with Barry sometimes, he trusts him as a loyal right hand.

ODIN is seen as a more competent agency. Besides, it has more advanced equipment and usually gets more lucrative government contracts. However, Len has said he likes annoying Malory, and his plan to lessen the effectiveness of ISIS has to do with convincing her to marry him. But to say this reason aloud made Cyril, Krieger and Archer create a plan to avoid this.

His love for Malory Archer

Using a KGB method, they put a mind-control chip in Len’s head in order to force him to forget his love for Malory. They know he still loves her, but she is only interested in his money. Besides, they don’t want their spy agency ISIS to be purchased. The chip implanted in his head was successful, and the idea of getting married was totally forgotten.

Unfortunately, this micro-chip had other side effects. His love for Malory was deleted, but also many of his abilities. The team who did this felt sorry for him later when they saw that his cognitive functions were affected, too. There is an episode where Sterling Archer says that looking at the consequences, he cannot help feeling bad.

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