Malory Archer

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Malory is one of the characters that makes Archer one of the best animated series for adults. Her dysfunctional relation with her son Sterling is a real catalyzer for this cartoon. One of the characters that viewers like the most is this manipulative woman. Sterling Archer’s mother has characteristics that make her be far away from being a caring mom.

Sterling’s mom

As a mom, she was very inattentive. She doesn’t even know who Sterling’s real father is. The kind of promiscuous life she had while she was a young spy had a baby as consequence. In fact, she gave birth during a mission in Tangier. As a very active spy, she was unavailable when her son needed her.

Malory Archer

Although Archer grew up with little affection on her side, she sometimes shows kind of concern for him. When Archer was in a coma for some months, she was there waiting for him to wake up. The drinking problem may be a family trait because she has a drink in her hand almost all the time.

Chief executive

Plenty of flashbacks in the series show her as an action girl, not only in bed with different men, but murdering enemies. Despite being an old lady now, her sexual appetite seems to be the same with no loss of libido at all. On the other hand, she is an expert going up against rivals and has excellent knowledge about firearms and martial arts.

In her younger days, she was a proficient spy agent, so she proved to be capable enough for being the head of ISIS. The International Secret Intelligence Service has been in charge of many covert operations. These are shown in the series as an espionage thriller that never disappoints fans.

Nothing better than the characterization of Malory Archer by Jessica Walters. This excellent voice actress transmits in a very talented way how she treats her employees with very acid remarks.

Main Characters

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A business woman

Her love for the spy field could be true; however, she is a greedy woman that doesn’t care how far she has to go for lucrative purposes. She heads ISIS making the staff believe everything was legal. In season 5, it is revealed that it is not, and she used ISIS to increase her bank accounts.

Along the series, all her properties are named. She owns an apartment in Manhattan, a condo in South Beach Florida and the nightclub “Dreamland” among others. She feels powerful and abuses her power with frequency. Malory Archer is an undeniable key for the development of the story.

Meet the rest of Archer’s protagonists

The list of Archer’s possible fathers include Buddy Rich and …

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