Mitsuko Miyazumi

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Judy Greer is the voice that reads and interprets Mitsuko’s words. Mitsuko Miyazumi is a holographic anime character referred as one of the best amazing creations of Dr. Algernop Krieger. The line between virtual and real life definitely blurs with her. She is a beautiful projected woman with pink hair.

Virtual and real worlds

Maybe Krieger fails to distinguish fiction, but he really could cross over the boundary between the real and the virtual worlds. Dr. Krieger has shown all his sexual proclivities, and Mitsuko Miyazumi is one that really turns him on. He combines in her his keen interests in cybersex and Japanese tentacle porn.

Despite controversies, it is incredible how virtual life can cross the line from a made up character. She is more than just an accessory for Krieger, she means the real possibility of having a sexual and emotional partner at the same time. The interplay between these two characters seems to complete each other and have their levels of sexual desire quite satisfied.

A virtual wife

The State of New York and its law think this relation is believable and possible, so Algernop Krieger could have married his virtual reality girlfriend designed by him. They had two attempts to get married. It was Lana’s fault the first time. She destroyed the holographic device, killing Mitsuko immediately. It was not a problem for this scientist to rebuild his girlfriend successfully.

Mitsuko Miyazumi

The second time, Krieger decided not to get married because he thought society was not prepared for this dual reality. Despite his decision, he lives with this hologram projection at home. However, Mitsuko resented the fact of his decision and has now a conflicted relationship with him.

To make things more complicated, she is not on good terms with Krieger’s female friends. She interacts with other members of the team and hangs out with them sometimes. But the story is different with Malory and Cheryl.

In good company

Krieger proved that cybersex is possible and satisfactory. Besides, most of the scenes where they appear show they spend great moments together. Although she was created with a sexual purpose in mind, Algernop Krieger shows he enjoys other things in good company. Mitsuko Miyazumi has proved that even bad or crazy men need to feel they are not alone.

This sexy Japanese anime made Dr. Krieger consider the possibility of getting married. It is too much to say about a character like him. They share activities that like in common. There are scenes where they can be seen eating sushi, watching tentacle porn, and even trying to comfort each other in difficult situations.

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