Nikolai Jakov

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Bad men and dangerous missions are not excuse for not trying to solve human insecurities. Questions of paternity have always been present in Archer’s life searching to know who he is. The name of Nikolai Jakov is on the list of options of possible fathers. Peter Newman is the actor behind the voice of this recurring character.

Head of the KGB

Malory has always liked bad guys. Although they met each other more than forty years ago, both were very effective spies and fighters involved in the most dangerous operatives. At the present time, Malory is the head of ISIS, and Nikolai Jakov the head of the KGB.

As the boss of this security agency, he is responsible of the protection, supervision and close observation of the population in the Soviet Union. Anyway, in the Archer series there is a universe of spying where competing agencies try to expand their influence in the field.

Referred as Major, Nikolai Jakov is a Soviet officer. He is usually seen in his military uniform. He is not considered a villain, but leads all the operations against ISIS or any member of other government with the only purpose of placing his agency and country at an advantage over the others.

His weakness for Malory

The KGB, ISIS or ODIN are supposed to be rivals, but sometimes they help each other with government, military or economic secrets. Malory is an expert in this field. Neither morality nor distance can impede her from using her tricks to get secret and convenient information.

Nikolai Jakov

Phone sex with Nikolai is something usual. Malory is the only one for him, but for her he is just one of many lovers. From the bottom of his heart, he wished to be Archer’s father, and this was the cause of his death. Deeply inside, he knew that a DNA test would be the only way to overcome doubt.

From Moscow to the United States

Barry Dylan became the new head of the KGB. One of his first decisions was to reassign Nikolai to Siberia. Finding out he was not obeyed, and that Nikolai was sent to the United States to have protection by ISIS, Barry managed to get to the ISIS safe house.

The insane and obsessed Barry couldn’t let Archer solve his internal conflict, so he found the way and killed Nikolai. He discovered where Nikolai was and took him to a place where he made him suffer for ten desperate minutes before dying. Of course, Barry denied him the possibility of leaving his DNA sample for Archer.

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