Pam Poovey

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Voiced by Amber Nash, Pamela Poovey is another surprising character of Archer. It is incredible the kind of staff that Malory chose to be her helping hands. A secretary with mental disorders, a sex addict comptroller and Pam. She is the alcoholic Human Resources Director in ISIS. Her competence in this position could be seriously questioned.

Working at ISIS

It cannot be said that she is a good Human Resources Director when she doesn’t know what prudence and confidentiality mean. Through her dolphin puppet or person to person, she is always gossiping and telling others private information they should not know.

She is not able to keep a secret and things such as Cyril’s large penis, colleagues’ secret assignments or co-workers with cancer were known because of her. The funniest thing is that she is in charge of processing any sexual harassment complaints when she is the one constantly trying to have sex with all the staff in the office.

By the way, Sterling declared to have had the best sex with her. A real sex goddess. Archer, Malory and Pam could also be the alcoholic team. Difficult to say who surpasses who. The point is that alcohol is not enough for Pam, so she uses marijuana and cocaine to get high, too.

Her appearance

Although some coworkers don’t think she is attractive, she is a beautiful woman with platinum blonde hair and gray eyes. She is overweight, and it is not a problem for her to feel comfortable with her body. She likes it and has let almost all the members of ISIS touch it. Men? Women? No problem. Her bisexuality has made her enjoy sex with all the staff, except Cheryl and Ray.

Pam Poovey

Her robust appearance has to do with all the exercise training as an expert pugilist. That’s the way how she financed her studies when she was younger. She did it because she needed the money, but she is not violent, except when she is provoked.

A field agent

She grew up on Poovey Farms in Wisconsin, and she left home because of the bullying and terrible relation with her sister Edie. To earn some money and survive, she participated in underground fighting where she killed some people.

Anyway, her capacity and combat effectiveness gave her the opportunity to change her role in the Human Resources Department and be sent to missions as a field agent. When ISIS is shut down by the FBI, and the Figgis agency starts, she goes back to the office.

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