Ray Gillete

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This character has the voice of the genius writer himself Adam Reed. Adam has created complex, contradictory and multifaceted characters. To be the voice of one of them is another challenge. Raymond “Ray” Gillete or Ms. Gillete for Malory Archer is an open gay field agent that works for ISIS.

A very good agent

His participation in the series has passed from a recurring character to a main one. During the different episodes you can see him as a spy agent, a bomb specialist, an ace pilot, a band leader in a night club and the head of the police on an island.

Lana and Ray are very good friends. Besides that, both are considered agents that do their work well and carefully. These characteristics have had Malory chose them over Sterling Archer for some specific missions. He has proved to be very good at weapon handling, wiring and explosives.

Depending on the mission, he has been seen as leader or assistant in important secret assignments. The episodes where he has appeared have been very good ones. Being shot in the stomach with a possible inability from the waist down is the opportunity for Cyril Figgis to be taken into account as a field agent.

Main Characters

Here you have the rest of the main characters of the series

Ray’s personal characteristics

Ray has blonde hair, brown eyes and pencil mustache. His sexual orientation is evident when you hear his very effeminate voice. Being raised on a farm and with a very conservative dad, he had to hide his sexual orientation and left the farm as soon as he could. His brother Randy still lives there and is a marijuana farmer.

He likes Japanese culture very much. His apartment is decorated with this style and when travelling, the first things he takes are kimonos to wear. He also has medals that show that he is good at sports. He has an Olympic bronze medal for skiing.

Ray at ISIS

Dr. Krieger became his best body parts supplier. After his accident, his paralysis has come and gone during the seasons. He was given bionic leg implants that worked very well until a short circuit occurred. Apart from the legs, Krieger also created a bionic right hand for him when he lost it fighting a huge carnivorous plant in one of his missions.

Although some homophobic people judge and show hostility towards him, he keeps being friendly and helpful with his coworkers. Far from thinking he is also going to exhibit a scandalous sexual life in the office, he keeps it out of it.  In fact, he is one of the few reliable agents that keeps always focused on his responsibilities when in a mission.

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