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Rodney works for ISIS in the armory. It is not such a big place, but with enough room to store appliances and a wide variety of weapons. Espionage involves secrets, but also an expert handling of weapons. So this character is in charge of one of the most important and delicate areas of the agency. A recurring character in seasons 4 and 5 that is voiced by Andrew Donnelly.

Supervisor of the armory

Rodney has a wide and thick mustache. This man with short brown hair and hazel eyes looks so arrogant when he is behind the glass that protects him. He is the supervisor of this area. Some agents really get mad at him because of the exhaustive paperwork to get weapons, but Rodney is there just for that.


Although the rule number one of the government of the armory says that all the armory, furniture and appliances are for the strictly use of the members of ISIS, Rodney doesn’t let people take out any weapon they want without being authorized. He doesn’t care if it is Archer who is requesting one.

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Behind the glass window

The glass and door are bulletproof. Apart from being protected from bullets, he is not intimidated at all by Archer or Malory’s insults. The glass certainly cannot avoid verbal disrespect, but physical abuse. It has a steel rolling shutter for more protection that he uses when he doesn’t want to talk to the person in front of him. He has buttons inside his office that controls opening and locking doors.

In an episode, Archer wants to take a firework rocket launcher against the rules. Archer is determined to take it and Rodney to impede it, so he locks the door to prevent Sterling Archer from taking it away. Against Rodney’s advice, Archer fires it to open the door causing a real disaster.

A corrupt man

Any man has a price. Although he is so strict with the rules of the armory area, he can make his exceptions. He accepted giving Pam help using a top secret telephone isolation unit receiving a hand job from Cheryl in exchange.

Mr. Strictness gave a big surprise to all members of the agency. When ISIS stopped functioning, he already had plans for him. In his position, it was not difficult to steal all the weapons in ISIS to start his own business as an arms dealer.

Incredible to see his change to a luxurious life in the season Vice. He changed his uniform from a short sleeve shirt and a tie to designer clothes. There are scenes that show him as a powerful dealer of guns on the black market. As a king of the mafia, he owns a magnificent yacht. When he negotiates and don’t get an agreement, he threatens with a pool of alligators that he calls his associates.

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