Ron Cadillac

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Ron Cadillac is welcomed to the Archer series in the season 4 premiere. It is not so believable that Malory loves him, but somewhere along the way she got married and has a new husband. Ron interacts with two of the most important characters of this animated show: Malory and Sterling Archer. These protagonists will have a complex relationship with him.

A car thief

His real name is Ron Kazinsky, but he had to change it to divert attention away from his previous occupation as a thief. He had a crew of four close friends that dedicated to steal cars. They were sentenced to 20 years in prison, and now Tony, Donnie, Joey and Fat Mike are in jail.

Ron Cadillac

Ron was not imprisoned; however, to keep things this way, he regularly gives his friends and families money to prevent them from discrediting him. Now, he is Ron Cadillac, the owner of six Cadillac dealerships. His business is quite big and keeps expanding.

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Husband and wife

The fact that Malory is a promiscuous woman doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to feel she is a wife. Moreover, if it implies the possibility of benefits. In this case, it is not clear what Malory’s interest was in marrying Ron Cadillac. Maybe, it was not money. She needed a partner to put all her properties under his name. She knows that the FBI is very close and seeking information; besides, she is in their wanted list.

Ron’s relationship with Sterling Archer is not as good as with Malory. His relation with him is defined by the way he refers to him as “my mother’s husband”, ant it is thought to be the reason of Archer’s induced amnesia. This new stepfather won’t have a nice stepson. On the other hand, Lana likes how Ron treats her daughter although she cannot stand his racist comments.

His personality

Apparently he is a sweet guy that gets along with most of the members of ISIS. Sometimes, he even looks like lacking strength of character. However, in season 5 he shows that his sweetness has nothing to do with managing difficult situations.

He loves Malory, but finding out about her unfaithfulness made him take the decision of leaving her. They start being in an emotional rollercoaster and in an on-again/off-again relationship. During the episodes, it is understood that marriage counseling and an agreement of an open relationship worked for them.

As an interesting fact, the fiction characters Malory and Ron are married; in real life, their voice actors are husband and wife. Jessica Walter is Malory, and her husband Ron Leibman is Ron Cadillac.

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