Sir Arthur Henry Woodhouse

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No doubt, Archer is one of the best espionage series and has known how to keep good comments from both, viewers and critics perspectives. The Simpsons is an animated show that centers on Homer, Archer centers on Sterling Archer. This star spy definitely has an exotic lifestyle, and of course, he needs a devoted valet.

A special valet

The strength in the writing makes such good characters that have the audience in front of the TV for thirty minutes wanting more. This valet helps Sterling Archer recover from the excesses of alcohol and drug use that he has almost every day. However, their relation is much deeper than that.

Arthur Woodhouse has been with Sterling Archer literally since the very moment of his delivery. However, Sterling seems not to appreciate this and mistreats him all the time. He is very offensive and says harsh words to humiliate him.

A British valet

Sir Arthur Henry Woodhouse is a British valet and active character from seasons 1 to 5. It is implied that he is missing in seasons 6 and 7 because Sterling is seen with some missing posters. Season 8 shows Woodhouse’s funeral and the date of birth on his tombstone.

Sir Arthur Henry Woodhouse

Two excellent voice actors have been in charge of his elderly voice. George Coe in seasons 1, 2, 3 and 4, and Tom Kane in season 5. Roy McCrery voices him for all the flashback scenes where Arthur Woodhouse looks younger.

The point with the Archer family is that is completely dysfunctional, and its members don’t know about love and gratitude. Nevertheless, Arthur Woodhouse cared for them till his end. The way he died was never said. But it is not the only mystery; it is quite difficult to understand why a person with all the proven abilities he had, decided to stay with people that treated him with total disdain.

Loyal to the Archer family

Maybe the reason why Archer is so mean to Arthur is because he reminds him somehow the way his mom gave birth to him, and a childhood with absent parents. Anyway, heroin is Arthur’s best friend when he silently suffers.

On the other hand, Malory does the opposite. Woodhouse is one of the very few exceptions that she treats with consideration and respect in some opportunities. Malory is not the kind of woman that thanks all the time. However, deep inside she remembers when she burst in Arthur’s bar many years ago. She was pregnant and had Nazi and Moroccan agents chasing her.

While escaping from them, her water broke and with Woodhouse’s assistance she gave birth to Sterling. After that, the bar was all a gunfight show when the agents entered in, and Malory and Woodhouse killed them. Since this moment, Sir Arthur Henry Woodhouse became an important person for the Archer family.

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