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Slater is an undercover CIA agent that has a very active role in seasons 5, 6 and 7 in the hilarious animated show Archer. This witty, crazy and edgy show reinforces its motley crew during these seasons to pull off covert missions. Everybody thinks that Slater is an arms dealer initially, but his main role will be as the binding CIA – ISIS agent.

Physical appearance

He is voiced and modelled by the professional actor Christian Slater. This actor has confessed he loves the show and was a fan before joining Adam Reed’s team. Apart from his voice, no doubt the character physically looks like Christian Slater.


Slater has brown hair and green eyes. He wears a classic slick back hairstyle and is usually seen wearing a turtleneck shirt. He dislikes when he is called Mr. Slater, asking people to call him just Slater. He has a very well built body shown when he wears tight-fitting clothes on missions. For example, in the shootout in front of the Kanes’ house.

Lana furiously shouts reminding him her baby was in the house. He doesn’t apologize, but accepts it was an operation failure. He justifies his actions saying that Archer has killed one of his agents, and Dr. Kane’s research jeopardized the national security.

Arms dealer or undercover agent?

First a subordinate undercover agent, and later he is in charge of giving special assignments to the ISIS team. He likes to complicate missions with elaborated and complex plans. Archer knows he has to work with him, but it is not that they like each other very much. They have more or less equivalent positions in each organization. Therefore, they are each other’s arch-nemesis sometimes.

Slater just turns the whole CIA and ISIS world on their head a little bit. When he meets the team he introduces himself shooting Archer with a beanbag gun. Then, he has a very intimidating conversation with them asking who they are. Although at this moment he was playing the role of an arms dealer, he shows his full of himself style.

Careful talking

Since the beginning he is arrogant and really irritating. His position as an agent of the CIA makes him behave this way. It is quite difficult to stand him, especially for Lana. He always briefs the team on the new missions making it clear that things have to be done his way or the highway.

Even Malory is careful talking to him. When he goes to her office to talk about an operation to conduct in Argentina, she hushes Archer and asks him to behave while Slater explains the assignment. She respects him as her primary contact with the CIA.

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