Sterling Archer

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Archer offers many reasons to enjoy each episode. No doubt that characters make the difference in a movie, a program or an animated show. Sterling Archer is not just the star, but the king of the show. The series is based on his perspective and superficial lifestyle that is brilliantly transmitted by Jon Benjamin’s voice.

Archer’s lifestyle

A rattle made of sterling silver given to him at birth gave his mom the idea of naming him Sterling. He knows for sure who his mother is, but at the end of season one he shows that not knowing the identity of his real father matters to him. However, this is something difficult to know even for his mother because of her promiscuity.

For whatever reasons he went through during his childhood and adolescence, he is now very far from being a mature adult. Despite his skills as an agent, his life surrounded by liquor and sex almost make him a raging alcoholic. This questions sometimes his proficiency and competence.

He loves wearing luxury designer clothes and enjoys adrenaline-rush activities. Using his own words, activities such as driving powerful and fast cars or skydiving give him giant erections. That’s the way he expresses himself. His language and reactions are generally satirical and full of crude sex expressions.

A super spy agent

If his success is attributed to luck or not, he is exceptionally skilled at martial arts, driving and weapon handling. His mom has also made him use his skills of seduction for some important missions. This spy with black hair and blue eyes is quite talented at that.

He masters combat tactics and methods. Sterling  is a serious and dangerous threat to rivals. He has killed several terrible criminals; that’s why his mom is so determined to have him in the International Secret Intelligence Service ISIS. If he has to be a bad guy, there’s no problem for him. He had no doubts about selling a tonne of cocaine when the FBI shut down ISIS.

A man with feelings

Lana really means something to him. He had a relationship with her, but his unsolved conflicts don’t let him live outside of his own personal bounds. For him, experiencing joy has to do with fast cars, pretty women and booze. Katya Kasanova also meant something important to him, but at the end she dumps him.

However, he shows that he still cares about Lana during her pregnancy. Lana admitted that she used his sperm to get pregnant. Being aware he is a father, he started showing the same feeling for his daughter Abbiejean. He is always worried about her, and he’s made himself a promise of protecting her.

Main Characters

Here you have the rest of the main characters of the series

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