Veronica Deane

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Hollywood has also been one of the settings for all the action of the FX hit show Archer. Veronica Deane is a very famous star that joins the characters for all season 7. She is an American actress inspired by the old Hollywood glamour of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor or Gene Tierney. She is a very attractive and seductive woman that will bring disaster to men involved with her.

Imposter or real Veronica?

Just one season, but two trained actresses to perform Veronica Deane’s voice, Mary McDonald-Lewis and Ona Grauer. Season 7 has the high quality of any Hollywood film. The mysterious element will be present with an imposter that hires the Figgis Agency. Ona Grauer is the imposter’s voice, and the real Veronica Deane is Mary McDonald-Lewis.

Veronica Deane

Both, imposter and real Veronica Deane go the Figgis agency with the same purpose. They want to recover a disc with private data that must be protected. It must not be accessible to unauthorized people.

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Cyril Figgis, now in charge of the agency, led the negotiation; however, it was not necessary to say a price because the imposter offered 100,000 dollars if they took the job. At the end, it is not clear if there was an imposter or not. What is true is that the payment was a fraud because they received a fake cashier’s check.

An actress who went bankrupt

Veronica’s fame started with the movie Shangai Moon, and she is remembered because of the stunning dress she wore. Just fame is what she has now because her debts exceed all her cash assets and properties.

Hoping for a top box office movie, she accepted the role as leading actress of “Deadly Velvet”. The point is that while shooting the film, another parallel story was taking place in the real-world setting, and Veronica Deane was also the star.

Veronica’s plan

Everything seemed to be part of a plan. Her behavior is a total surprise. Veronica Deane is the real villain of the whole season. She is the best actress of all. Although she looks so calm, self-controlled and glamorous at the beginning, she is a criminal.

She murdered her ex-husband and coldly framed Lana for it. Ellis Crane was the victim. He won an Oscar as director and apparently got along fine with Veronica. As he was very rich and not so nice to people, especially on the set of his movies, there could be many suspects.

Veronica took advantage of this to commit the crime of killing Crane. Besides, she used her beauty and her arts of seduction to manipulate Archer and Alan Shapiro to have an alibi.

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